Young Family With Aging Parents

In the last few years, more clients are coming to us to discuss real estate needs for their aging parents.  Nicknamed the “Sandwich Generation,” they are usually in their 40s or 50s and care for their aging parents while supporting their own family. They are literally sandwiched between the needs of their growing kids/family and the needs of their aging parents. 

Aging parents may be affected by a number of new health issues and memory issues such as Alzheimer’s. With these issues sneaking up on Mom and Dad, our parents become less able to manage their day-day activities that were routine just a few years ago. As most young families are focused on raising family, the sudden needs of their parents is quite surprising and can be a huge burden to manage in addition to the growing family.

A few years ago, my team received an introduction to working with a senior client moving from a single-family home to an assisted living community. Unfortunately, our senior client had significant health issues and the home needed extensive work. The roof, flooring, paint, and landscaping all needed to be addressed prior to selling the home. While addressing these issues took longer than normal to correct, the family sold the home for about 10% higher sales price than if they had ignored the issues. If they had sold directly to an investor, they would have netted far less from the sell of the home. 

Jamie Thompson is designated as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). The SRES is a rigorous education focused on developing and understanding of needs of the 50 plus demographic. The SRES Council is known to have knowledgeable, passionate members that serve consumers in the 50 and older market.

Our selling process helps seniors downsize, clear the home, address the condition of the home, and prepare the home for sale. We take pride in protecting our seniors and working for the best outcome, no matter the situation. Our goal is to enable our senior clients to sell their homes for the best possible price.

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