floor renovations

Have you been out to see the builder model homes lately?  You may notice that builders load tons of upgrades into the model homes.  The builders know that the look and feel of the home is super important to the buyer and if they get the buyer’s excited about the possibilities, then it will lead to more sales.  As a homeowner and a potential seller someday down the road, getting the buyers excited about your home will lead to a higher sales price!  If you make a few upgrades to your home now, you will also get to enjoy the changes before you move.  Now, don’t overspend on your improvements, but here are a few that can make a huge difference when you sell.

  • The Kitchen – The kitchen is where improvements go a very long way.  New cabinets, countertops, and appliances will add a lot of value.  Don’t feel like you need to turn your kitchen into a gourmet kitchen!  There are a lot of ways you can update your kitchen to the current trends and stay on a budget.  Keep in mind that giving your kitchen a cohesive contemporary look is the best way to add value to your home. 
  • Landscaping – If you yard is feeling more like a jungle or desert than a place where kids would like to play, then it might be time to make a few changes!  Whether you like desert landscaping or something a little greener, color and cleanliness is the key.  Buyers are always looking for a yard that is well kept, but that will also be fun to hang out in after work.  Putting a in a handful of plants will go a long way to dressing up your front or back yard.  If a buyer can picture outdoor living and nightly barbeques, then you are on the right track
  • Flooring – Updating your flooring is a great way to get a completely new feel throughout your home.  New carpet, new tile floors or hardwood floors can make a home feel newer and it will appeal to younger buyers.
  • Paint - Without a doubt, a new coat of paint on the walls goes a long way to refreshing a home.  Stay away from colors that are too bold and stick with colors that are more neutral.  Earth tones and two-tone paint styles are the trend lately and appeal to younger buyers.  
  • Bathrooms – In bigger homes, the master bathroom is a great area to look at spending more of your upgrade budget.  However, in smaller homes, it can be hard to get your upgrade dollars back in bathroom remodels.  As you look at remodeling your bathrooms, light and water fixtures are a great way to spruce up the area without overspending.  

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