daughter helping mother moveMore and more clients are coming to us to discuss real estate needs in regard to their parents. As we discuss the logistics and strategy of selling the home, one challenge is generally driving the move. Our aging parent is dealing with a new health or memory issue such as Alzheimer’s that needs to be managed. At the same time, most families are not ready to deal with mom or dad’s new set of health issues, as most are still focused on raising their own family. 

With all of life’s current challenges and the new health issues for mom or dad, we find that the home where mom and dad currently live suffers the most. Many times, the home will sell for $25,000 to $75,000 less than it should due to neglect and deferred maintenance. When the home sells, this could be money going into the bank to pay for long term care for mom and dad. 

Jamie Thompson is designated as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). The SRES is a rigorous education focused on developing understanding of needs of the 50 plus demographic. The SRES Council is known to have knowledgeable, passionate members that serve consumers in the 50 and older market.

Jamie and his staff have resources to help mom and dad during this challenging time. We know professionals that help with Medical Home Health Care, providing caregivers, and professionals that help mom and dad find Independent, Assisted Living or Memory Care Communities.  

As a real estate professional, Jamie’s goal is always to help mom and dad protect one of their most valuable assets, their home.  

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